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    Growing up in the streets of South Central Los Angeles, Apostle C. J. Dobard Jr., was exposed to a life of ungodliness and great violence, but the Lord was up to something in Apostle’s life. He was blessed to have the wonderful love of his maternal grandparents who resided in San Antonio,Texas. They loved him just as if he was their own child and exposed him to Holiness in the Grand Old COGIC(Church of God in Christ), Abundant Life. C. J. Dobard Jr. spent most of his summers in San Antonio,Texas with his grandparents absorbing the love that they had to give him. While being in San Antonio, the Lord was working through his grandparents to begin a new chapter in Apostle C. J. Dobard Jr.'s life. The dynamic preaching and teaching he received at Abundant Life COGIC under the direction of Elder Curtis Byrd, Sr. began to really minister to him. Apostle was impressed by the power of God through the many healings and miracles he saw during the services. When summer came to an end and he returned to Los Angeles, he was never the same. God began to work on him in a great way but he rebelled like most young people often do. Jesus is a wonder! The Lord kept coming after him no matter how much he rebelled.  Apostle joined the military at age of 19 and was stationed in Waegon, South Korea. While in South Korea God saved him and gave him a desire to live for the Lord. Upon completion of his tour of duty in South Korea,  Apostle was stationed in Fort Hood Texas where he joined Copperas Cove COGIC under the leadership of Elder Joe E. Fisher Jr. While under Elder Joe E. Fisher Jr.'s  direction Apostle CJ Dobard Jr. grew in the word and spirit. He has been privileged to work in the church in the following areas; Secretary of the Brotherhood, Sunday School Teacher, Bible Band Teacher, Church Maintenance, Mission. While working in various areas in the church the Lord began to minister to him about his ministry. Having a great desire to serve in the kingdom of God, the Lord directed his path to return home to San Antonio where his foundation began.  His Pastor decided to place him in a Deacon Trial where he would become a Deacon after being proven by the church. Becoming a Deacon was very fulfilling to Apostle and he continued to grow in grace and in the knowledge of his Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

    In July of 1993, the Lord called Apostle to the ministry where he served as Associate Minister in the church for one year and was Licensed by his Pastor.  He continued to serve the church in a ministerial capacity and after prayerful consideration his Pastor recommended him for Ordination in the Texas South West Juristiction under the leadership of the late Bishop T. D. Eiglehart. After meeting all the curriculum requirements and passing the Ordination Board he was Ordained as Elder in the Church of God in Christ. God continued to move in Apostle's life and through a series of dreams and visions the Lord revealed the vision to found a church named the Power of Holiness. The name was the birth of the vision because there is power in holiness!
    The Power of Holiness, was established in July of 1995 under the direction of the Holy Ghost. As a result there have been miracles, signs, and wonders done in Jesus name. To God be the glory for ALL the things he has done! Apostle C. J. Dobard Jr. is happily married to First Lady Angela Delphine Dobard and is the Pastor/Founder of the Power of Holiness church located in the beautiful city of San Antonio Texas.

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